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Parking lot by Legacy Arena scheduled for improvements

The BJCC is investing in providing exceptional customer experiences to patrons with improvements to parking facilities across the street from Legacy Arena. The lots are situated on the west side of the Arena between 18th and 19th streets and 10th and 11th avenues. In order to facilitate the required construction window, the parking lot will be out of service beginning August 22nd and should reopen in mid-December.
Improvements consist of paving, landscaping, additional lighting, signage and a designated crosswalk targeted to improve the experience of parking and entering the campus easily. The improvements will result in additional capacity with an increase of 70 spaces achieved by incorporating additional property and efficient striping. 
“When complete, the lot will be consistent with improvements we’ve made in other parts of the complex, such as the areas proximate to Uptown and the Westin Birmingham Hotel,” said Tad Snider, BJCC CEO. “It will be paved, incorporate aesthetic landscaping, improved signage and enhanced lighting, which is an improvement to the customer experience on the west side of Legacy Arena.” 
Alternate parking lots are available during construction. Recommended lots are the parking garage on 22nd Street, the parking deck behind the Westin Birmingham Hotel, the parking lot on 22nd Street across from the garage and the parking deck off 11th Avenue at 21st Street.
Legacy Arena Parking Lot Improvements
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