General Admission Line Policy for 21 Pilots

In an effort to maximize the experience of our guests and to have a safe controlled entry process for General Admission ticket holders, Legacy Arena at the BJCC has instituted a wristbanding process to que lines for the 21 Pilots Concert on June 18. 

All guests are required to abide by the provisions of the conduct policy and any guests in violation of these policies will be asked to surrender their tickets and leave the Legacy Arena property. 

No one will be allowed on site prior to 7:00am.  Fans can begin to line up along the SW ramp at the corner of 9th Avenue and 19th Street at 7:00am on June 18, and numbered wristbands will be distributed beginning at that time.  

The number on the wristband of the guest will determine the order of entrance into the building.  Only one wristband will be distributed per ticketed guests.  All guests in a party, meaning all those attending with the guest that purchased the tickets, must be present at the same time to receive a wristband. 

Once a lineup wristband has been received, guest will be permitted to leave the facility provided that they return back to the line NO LATER THAN 4:30PM to have wristband number honored.  If a guest with a numbered wristband arrives after 4:30pm, the guest will be placed in line after the last guest in line. 

Legacy Arena will not honor any variation in numbering from guests, and this will be the only system deployed.


Additional Polices

·         Under no circumstances will overnight camping be allowed on property

·         Guests are permitted to have limited food and beverage outside in line if desired, but will not be
  permitted to bring inside

·         No bottles allowed

·         No alcohol allowed

·         Please be respectful of other guests in line- no running, pushing, line jumping, no profanity, no animals
 (except for service animals)

·         No smoking or vaping in line

·         Reselling of tickets on site is not allowed

·         Legacy Arena is not responsible for any items left unattended.  Those items will be discarded








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