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Chris Rock fans must lock cellphones for show at BJCC

The BJCC will have its first totally cellphone-free show on Friday night. Comedian Chris Rock is requiring attendees to put their cellphones in locked bags made by San Francisco startup Yondr. 
BJCC has had artists, such as Kevin Hart last year, tell the audience cell phones are not allowed. However, Rock is the first to use the Yondr pouch at a BJCC. He has required the pouch at all facilities where he has performed on his first tour in nine years.
A growing number of artists have turned to Yondr to help ensure a cellphone-free zone that not only cuts back on distracting calls and photos during shows, but prevents recording of live shows. Other artists include Dave Chappelle, Alicia Keys, the Lumineers and Louis C.K.
The BJCC has been spreading the word to the nearly sold-out crowd coming to Chris Rock’s Total Blackout Tour at the Concert Hall to be ready to either leave their phones in the car or be prepared to lock them up in the Yondr bag. The bag, with their cellphone locked inside, is allowed to go with them to their seats. If they need to make a call, they can exit the theater and get it unlocked by staff to access their phone. If an attendee is found with an un-pouched cellphone, he or she will be escorted from the building.
The BJCC has added staff to assist fans with the Yondr pouch process before and after the show. Airport-like magnetometers will also be used upon entrance. To make entry smooth, doors will open at 6:30 p.m. for the 8 p.m. show to encourage ticketholders to get there early.
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