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American Entertainment Group Apologizes, Offers Discount for Ticket Purchasers of The Wiz Live!

In an effort to provide the best possible experience for our guests, the Birmingham-Jefferson Convention Complex (BJCC) has followed up with American Entertainment Group (AEG), the promoter of 'The Wiz Live!’ regarding its production held at the BJCC Concert Hall on Saturday February 16, 2019.  Below please find a final statement from AEG.  Please direct all future inquires to AEG at
American Entertainment Group Pledges to Bring the
Best Entertainment to Birmingham
Media contact: American Entertainment Group,
Birmingham, AL (March 6, 2019) - The management and staff of American Entertainment Group (AEG) apologizes for any disappointment or discontentment that may have been experienced by the public, ticket purchasers and attendees of The Wiz Live! on Saturday, February 16, 2019 at the Birmingham Jefferson Convention Complex (BJCC). The Wiz Live! is an adaptation of the 1975 Broadway musical, "The Wiz," which put a modern spin on the classic "Wizard of Oz" tale.
AEG books entertainment expecting that there will be a good customer experience for attendees including those who attended The Wiz Live! AEG was engaged in a contract with rights to promote the two shows and the company gave away more than 600 free tickets to the event. However, AEG’s management and staff did not cast the performers, produce, direct or provide any artistical direction to the production. The Container Center for the Performing Arts held the show license and Broadway Worldwide cast talent.
We sincerely regret any customer dissatisfaction and would like to offer a discounted show in the near future in place of a refund. AEG is grateful to have provided a wide range of first-rate entertainment shows over the years. AEG will continue to serve the area by bringing performers, artistical expression, and acts that reflect the public’s top of the line standard, taste and expectation and further, entertainment that warrants repeat attendance.
If you have any questions about AEG’s statement and its commitment to quality acts and performers, please email:

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